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Globalstor products designed to bring out the best in your Autodesk workflow

iNAS_12_SIDE.jpg Portable Workstations
More than ever, professional post-production facilities, independent editors, colorists, and cinematographers are requiring solutions capable of being portable for on set applications such as dailies or screenings. Don’t get left behind. If it’s not in your budget to deploy a state-of-the-art digital intermediate workstation, then you need to check out the ExtremeStor Transport. The ExtremeStor Transport delivers the same robust architecture you have come to expect from Globalstor’s ExtremeStor-DI workstations, with one major caveat… The ExtremeStor Transport is compact and portable! The ExtremeStor Transport features a 17” high resolution 1920×1080 display, up to 7 PCI-E x 16 slots capable of running the latest most popular add on cards. Not only does it feature PNY Quadro Professional Graphics with optional SDI outputs, but optional dual Red Digital Cinema RED Rocket cards can be integrated for seamless stereoscopic Red R3D playback. Additionally, an optional Solid State Disk Array capable of real-time uncompressed 2K playback can also be installed making the ExtremeStor Transport one of the most feature rich portables on the market.
ExtremeStor DI
Globalstor’s ExtremeStor-DI workstations and server are designed for real-time capture and playback of un-compressed 2K, stereo 2K, un-compressed 4K, stereo 4K as well RED, Sony and other digital media types.  Whether your workflow is Editing, Animation, Visual Effects or 3D Design the ExtremeStor-DI meets the needs of the most CPU, GPU and disk intensive Autodesk applications. Featuring integrated SSD or magnetic disk arrays with capacities up to 144TB and read/write speeds up to 4000MB/Sec, the ExtremeStor-DI workstations and servers are the ideal platform for workflows that require a high performance workstation or server with minimal upfront investment.
iNAS_12_SIDE.jpg ExtremeStor PCIe Expansion
Globalstor’s ExtremeStor PCIe Expansion Systems allow Autodesk users to expand one host x16 Gen2 PCI Express slot to an expansion chassis with up to five additional PCI Express Gen2 slot. The expansion chassis’ non-blocking eighty lane PCI Express Gen2 switch enables the coupling of cost-effective host PCs and server with high bandwidth, peer-to-peer capable I/O subsystems. Plug and play architecture allows users to expand their I/O capabilities regardless of their operating system. Support for Windows, MAC, Linux, Solaris as well as other operating systems is standard. With optional integrated RAID and capacities up to 144TB, ExtremeStor Expansion systems are the ideal solution for supporting uncompressed 2K, Stereo 2K and even 4K playback while also allowing use of multiple GPU’s, Red Rocket Cards, Fibre HBA’s or virtually any other PCIe card.