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Globalstor Provides Plug And Play Storage Backed
By 24×7 Support


CHATSWORTH, CA January 7,  1999:

Globalstor Data Corporation, a worldwide provider of data storage management solutions including a complete line of Solaris-based storage sub-systems, has expanded its technical support program.  The new program will enable IS managers nationwide, as well as Globalstor’s extensive list of domestic and internationally-based resellers, to get the hardware and software support they need, while minimizing expensive downtime.  The new service will be included at no additional cost on all Globalstor mass storage solutions from stand-alone Magneto-Optical (MO) drives to libraries in excess of 5TB, as well as all tape, RAID and fibre channel solutions.

“We’ve always provided our larger customers with round-the-clock, round-the-calendar support,” said Scott Leif, President and CEO of Globalstor Data Corporation, “but now we’re making this service a standard policy.  This value-added service is especially vital to our customers with complex Sun OS and Solaris-based environments where our plug and play solutions are often required to integrate with existing application or site specific software.”