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Globalstor Data Offers Cash For Any Storage Solution Towards New 8MB Cache MO

New Plus Series Increase Performance By 20%

CHATSWORTH, CA September 13,  1999:

Following the successful launch of their new Plus series of 5.25-inch Magneto Optical (MO) drives, Globalstor Data Corporation, a worldwide provider of data storage management solutions, announced today a revolutionary Buy-Back Program.  According to corporate officials, effective immediately, Globalstor Data will offer cash for any storage solution towards the purchase of either the GS5200 Plus (5.2 GB capacity and 8MB cache) or the GS2600 Plus (2.6 GB capacity and 4MB cache).  With more than double the cache of other storage solutions and data transfer rates of up to 20 MB/s, users can easily write one side of a 5.2GB disk in just a few minutes.

Offering the performance of a 40x CD-RW, the Plus series offers users up to four-generation ISO-Standard media compatibility and an Ultra-SCSI interface.  The new Buy-Back Program includes removable hard drives, Zip drives, tape, all flavors of CD and DVD as well as all other storage solutions whether ISO-Standard or proprietary.

“With 8MB cache,” said Scott Leif, President and CEO of Globalstor Data Corporation, “we now have something to offer professionals who want the performance of high-end DVD-RAM, but require a more rugged, more reliable media.  Our Buy-Back Program will make it possible for users to trade in an old drive and experience the greater speed, greater convenience and greater performance of the GS-Plus Series.  For those who are already familiar with MO, the GS-Plus Series offers users increased performance by as much as 20% over previous generation solutions.”

Ideal solutions for data intensive applications such as audio and video editing, 3D rendering, document imaging, medical imaging, large data exchange, archive and backup, the GS-Plus series represents a major breakthrough for the MO industry providing exceptional performance and reliability. 

With today’s optical technology, a single 5.2GB disc can store 150 minutes of high-quality MPEG-2 video or more than 8 hours of AC3 audio or 5,200 full-color photos (640×480).  A single 2.6GB MO disk can store 1 hour of uncompressed digital audio.

The GS5200 Plus drive is fully read/write compatible with the latest 5.2GB capacity media as well as all three earlier generations of ISO-Standard CCW and rewritable media including 650MB, 1.3GB, and 2.6GB MO, CCW and LIMDOW® (Light Intensity Modulation Direct Over-Write) media in 512,1024 and 2048k sector sizes.  The GS2600 Plus is fully read/write compatible with 2.6GB MO, CCW and LIMDOW® media as well as 650MB and 1.3GB ISO-Standard CCW and rewritable media in 512 and 1024k sector sizes.  Both drives will be backed by Globalstor Data’s 24×7, enhanced tech support program and a 2-year parts and labor warranty.

The 5.25-inch MO drives feature rotational speeds of up to 3868 rpm using 2.6 GB media, have a maximum 20 MB/sec. data transfer rate and 25 ms average seek time. Both the GS5200 Plus and the GS2600 Plus offer a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of 200,000 hours and a Mean Insertions Between Failure of 500,000.  The multi-function drives are easily integrated into Windows 95/98 and NT, UNIX, Linux, Netware and Macintosh-based environments.  Without trade-in, the GS5200 Plus and GS2600 Plus are available worldwide with a starting list price of $1,850 and $1,250 respectively.  

 About Globalstor Data

Headquartered in Chatsworth, CA, Globalstor Data Corporation is a leading distributor of high-end mass storage solutions and is widely recognized for its value-added services, including systems integration and customer support.  An OEM with a full spectrum of hardware and software support, the firm’s competitively priced product line includes technically advanced Magneto-Optical (MO) drives and libraries with up to 5TB of capacity, as well as all tape, RAID and fibre channel solutions with complete integration for all major operating systems.  Globalstor Data serves a worldwide customer base from its U.S. headquarters in Chatsworth, California and internationally through a strong foundation of over seas resellers.