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GCN’s Best New Technology Awards at FOSE 2002 Submission (Disaster Recovery)

Marh 18, 2002:

Solution for Consideration: Globalstor Data’s InfinAttach DR (Disaster Recovery)

1. Innovation: InfinAttach DR is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) server utilizing embedded NT to provide a virtually open architecture from which users can scale nearly unlimited capacity and application flexibility. InfinAttach DR supports up to 90 SCSI devices and offers two expansion slots for the addition of Fibre Channel and/or Gigabit Ethernet cards. InfinAttach DR includes NovaNET 8.5 Alliance – Microsoft Windows, Linux and NetWare Network Backup Software for a complete enterprise-wide network backup solution. InfinAttach DR offers full Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000 and XP support using centralized, remote administration and utilizes a standardized interface so there is no need to learn new software cross platform.

2. Usability: This standards-based solution achieves breakthrough economics without sacrificing performance or reliability. In the event of a power failure or other catastrophic event, Globalstor’s InfinAttach DR automatically restarts and performs a full system configuration, restoring the system within minutes. Embedded NT provides unlimited client access as well as complete remote management capability using Microsoft’s NetMeeting. Additional remote management capability for UNIX users is also included.

3. Specifications: The server includes a 60GB hard drive, a Pentium III 750 CPU, 256MB RAM, dual 10/100 Network interface and pre-loaded library management software. For added value, InfinAttach DR has two expansion slots, which are completely field upgradable and capable of boosting support up to as many as 90 SCSI devices. The additional slots can also be used for Fibre Channel support and/or a Gigabit Ethernet card. RAID volume users can maximize the base system with 30 5TB RAID volumes and still add a gigabit or a dual gigabit controller in the secondary slot.

4. Value: InfinAttach DR offers one of the industry’s the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with an MSRP of only $8,322 (GSA/Government discounts available).

5. Eligibility: the InfinAttach DR will be launched at FOSE 2002.