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GCN’s Best New Technology Awards at FOSE 2002 Submission (Fibre Channel)


Marh 18, 2002:

Solution for Consideration: Globalstor Data’s ExtremeStor FC (Fibre Channel)

1.      Innovation: SAN-ready and host-independent, ExtremeStor FC is available as either a desktop or rack mount enterprise data warehouse solution with Fibre Channel interface and a 1.44TB data capacity. ExtremeStor FC supports RAID 0, 1, 0 +1, 3 and 5.

2.      Usability: Incorporating multiple industry-standard interfaces, the ExtremeStor FC eliminates interoperability issues faced by many of today’s global businesses by simultaneously supporting mainframe connections through ESCON and FICON channels as well as connection to open UNIX, Linux, Windows 2000/NT, and AS/400 systems through Fibre Channel. With RAID 5 over RAID 5, environments could essentially loose an entire RAID array without losing access to data. To enhance information sharing and management capabilities, the ExtremeStor FC is compatible with a broad range of software applications available through Globalstor as well as several third-party suppliers.

3.      Specifications: Globalstor’s ExtremeStor FC is host-independent so it will work on any system including NT, Solaris and UNIX making it an ideally suited for a enterprise applications including: government, military, medical and film houses for applications such as content preservation and distribution, medical image generation, and video archival.

4.      Value: ExtremeStor FC offers one of the industry’s  lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with an MSRP of only $11,000 (GSA/Government discounts available).

5.      Eligibility:  the ExtremeStor FC will be launched at FOSE 2002.