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Globalstor Announces 24×7 Support


CHATSWORTH, CA January 22  1999:

A leading distributor of high-end mass storage solutions, Globalstor Data Corporation’s GSL and GSLEX series provide a broad range of optical storage libraries with capacities of 52GB to 5TB.  The 20- to 1054-slot libraries feature as many as 32 of the industry’s fastest 5.2GB Magneto Optical (MO) drives for a 20ms average seek time, data transfer rate of up to 20MB/sec. and a 4MB cache.  A multiple SCSI bus interface ensures fast, easy integration into all major operating systems.  Libraries above 52-slots include a dual-picker for fast access to data and all are backed by 24-hour technical support and a one-year parts and labor warranty.  Globalstor serves a worldwide customer base from its U.S. headquarters in Chatsworth, California and internationally through a strong foundation of overseas resellers.