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Globalstor’s Dual Core DI Solution for Boutique to Mid-Sized Video Facilities Gets ASSIMILATED


CHATSWORTH, CA September 22, 2005:

Globalstor Data Corporation, designer and builder of high end, high performance Digital Intermediate servers and ASSIMILATE, Inc, developer of integrated, real-time, data-centric film production software solutions for 2K, 4K and beyond, announced today that the ExtremeStor-DI with AMD’s new Dual Core Opteron™ processor, has been certified for use with ASSIMILATE’s SCRATCH.   A high-performance, fault-tolerant, hi-definition Digital Intermediate (DI) workflow solution for film post production, the new Dual Core ExtremeStor-DI paired with SCRATCH, provides true multitasking post-production capabilities without sacrificing video quality or breaking the budget.

The ExtremeStor-DI incorporates 24, 250GB hot-swappable SATA hard drives for up to 6TB of local storage or 24, 500GB hot-swappable SATA hard drives for up to 12TB, and can be scaled externally via SCSI or Fibre.  Paired with the feature-rich SCRATCH and AMD’s Dual Core Opteron technology, ExtremeStor-DI provides digital content professionals with an open-architecture, modular feature sets, and image processing tools for a fully integrated, end-to-end DI pipeline ensuring even faster processing of uncompressed 2K, HD and SD video files.

“ExtremeStor-DI with SCRATCH empowers creative professionals to work more productively using a streamlined DI workflow environment that actually encourages multi-tasking,” said Jeff Edson, president and CEO of ASSIMILATE.  “The result is a powerful, integrated, streamlined DI workflow environment, enabling increased productivity and even greater control at the final stages of film production.”

The new Opteron processor enables simultaneous 32- and 64-bit computing and eliminates the 4GB memory barrier imposed by traditional 32-bit only systems.  Integrated in the ExtremeStor-DI PRO provides video professionals with the improved system efficiency and application performance required for running multiple digital intermediate applications simultaneously or streaming multi-threaded applications.  In addition, the new dual core technology optimizes memory performance, balances throughput, and offers an expandable I/O to ensure that the ExtremeStor-DI will not only meet current application needs, but those in the future as well.

“The Opteron processor is ideally suited for the ExtremeStor-DI and maximizes the post production capabilities of ASSIMILATE’s SCRATCH,” said Scott Leif, President of Globalstor Data.  “As a complete turnkey solution, we are able to offer advanced workstation graphics board combinations with virtually zero latency even in demanding multi-user network environments.”

The core features of this combined solution include SCRATCH’s real-time, multi-resolution review/ playback, assemble/edit, conform, primary and secondary color correction, multi-layer grading stack, scratch audio, visual effects (significantly enhanced, with over 150 optional third-party plug-ins) and final mastering to film. Running on Windows-based, open-architecture workstations and using dual AMD Opteron processors, ExtremeStor-DI writes at a sustained data rate in excess of 350 MB/Sec and plays back/reads in excess of 900 MB/Sec. under RAID 5.  Using RAID 0, the ExtremeStor-DI is capable of achieving up to 1000MB/sec sustained raw performance.

Pricing and Availability
Available for direct sale through Globalstor Data or to OEMs for development into specific applications, the new AMD Opteron Dual Core ExtremeStor-DI is available now with a two-year factory warranty.  Pricing starts at $16,000.

ASSIMILATE (www.assimilateinc.com) is enabling the DI R-evolution with integrated, real-time, data-centric (for 2K, 4K and beyond) software and solutions for film production. The company is committed to empowering a broad spectrum of creative professionals with state-of-the-art DI solutions that deliver optimal price/performance.

About Globalstor Data
Headquartered in Chatsworth, CA, Globalstor Data Corporation is a leading distributor of high performance RAID, SAN and storage/video servers.  Widely recognized for its value-added services, including systems integration and customer support, Globalstor is an OEM with a full spectrum of hardware and software support offering a broad spectrum of broadcast and video professional solutions including DVD Digital Video Dailies solutions, 2K and 4K Digital Intermediate solutions, and high-performance hi-definition video servers offering scaleable storage up to 12TB.  Globalstor serves a worldwide customer base from its U.S. headquarters in Chatsworth, California and internationally through a strong foundation of over-seas resellers.